...in 1998 when I started to learn Santur. The magic of music began to mesmerise me and the whole new world of beauty and wonder opened up in front of me. Suddenly I found myself in a journey that I wasn't aware of the beginning. How sounds get this power on human beings? What happens? How is it possible to talk without any word and the message is stronger than any human made communicating tools? How a musician get this power of penetrating into the most vulnerable parts of your soul?

It didn't take so much to find out that there is the dark and unfair barriers standing in front of the door to this magic world. Suddenly I found out that my passion is one of the unwritten forbidden apples in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The more I tried the more I learned about all of the forbidden apples and at some point I realised I myself am one of those forbidden apples. 

Still when I recap, I don't understand how and why I ended up to be a member of cursed community of refugees, asylum seekers, stateless... you can name it more or different from your political point of view. But my reality has complex paradoxical aspects. To be said, I know for sure I am not sad, but angry. I am not lost but a wanderer. I am not a victim but a survivor.

Now here I am in my 30's, the same curious and passionate child for the magical world of sounds, with a whole new goals and reasons to fight for not just me but for us.

Roozbeh Mosleh



It all started...