Roozbeh Mosleh, Kurdish film score composer, music producer and singer is born on 17 January 1987 in Kashan/Iran. He grew up in Sanandaj، his motherland, a Kurdish city in the west of Iran, where he started to learn music in 1998, and very soon he started to perform as santur player in different bands and attending numerous local concerts and festivals.
     In 2002 he entered the Sanandaj's music school, Ostad Hassan-e-Kamkar to study music. In 2005 he moved to Tehran to continue his music in Tehran's National Conservatory. besides studying, he started to work in Kurdish music market as a composer and very soon he succeeded and produced and arranged numerous pop, folk and traditional songs for Kurdish singers. it caused him to abandon his study in order to be more active in the Market, where his reputation grew and more opportunities came in his disposal.
     In 2009 he started to record his first album "Koch" as a singer, and when he published it in 2010 the success of his album was unexpected and he very soon became a popular figure among the young people in Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan. He published his second album Baran in 2012 and at the same time, after pressure and limitations by the Iranian Islamic regime, he moved to Iraqi Kurdistan and settled there until the beginning of 2016.
       Since 2005, Roozbeh worked with more than 60 singers and arranged, wrote or produced more than 350 songs. He scored music for 5 short films and a long movie. As a singer, he has 2 published albums, 4 singles, and 6 Music videos. He participated in many concerts and TV shows in Tehran, Sanandaj, Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, and Berlin.

Since 2016, he lives in Berlin-Germany and continues to his art career.